Lucky Old Sun Ranch | The Story of Buffett {the Golden Retriever}
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30 Nov The Story of Buffett {the Golden Retriever}

The Story of Buffett

We’re incredibly heartbroken today. Our sweet Buffett went to puppy heaven. Before he left, he helped me write this story of his life to share with you.

Buffett {April 29, 2002 – November 30, 2015}

My first memory is when my mom gave me a bath at Janet’s house in her kitchen sink at New Horizons Service Dogs. My mom wrapped me up in a warm towel and at that moment I knew I was going to a safe loving home. Gosh, that was about 14 years ago. Man did I love a warm towel scrub, still do. I don’t like the bath part, but cannot wait to be all fluffed up with that soft, cotton, good-smellin’, small white blanket of wonderfulness. And mom always kisses my face lots when she’s drying me off from a bath. That’s really my favorite part.

I’m the first puppy my parents had together. We lived in a little house in Winter Park, I used to run around the front yard through the super tall green and white flowers. I learned really fast that baseboards in old houses were not chew toys…I got in a lot of trouble when I was a puppy. In Winter Park, I’d go on walks with my Golden Retriever friends, Angel and Bella, and visit with my Westie friends, Sophie and Lexie down the street. Really liked those guys. We moved to South Florida after a while, but I would still visit with my puppy friends once in a while on car trips back to Central Florida.

After I was more grown up and we were living in Tequesta, out the back door one day comes this little half-pint who looked like me, just really small. My parents called this mini-me, Mallory Square. I wasn’t too fond of this bundle of golden fur at first. Mallory Square would follow me around and bite at my tail and try to take me down by nipping at my paws. Ornery little spunk.

Mal Mal grew on me (that’s the nick name my friend Tessie gave her one time when she was visiting us from Alaska. Turns out mal mal means bad bad in Spanish, appropriate for her feisty self.). I’ll admit, I actually love Mallory Square now and would be bored without her. Its nice to have the company of a furry friend. I did have to get used to the idea that someone else wanted to share my bed. MY bed. Mallory Square had her own bed but nope, she wanted to share mine. And me, not ever being much of a bed snuggler had to get used to sharing my cozy space. It’s not that I don’t like to snuggle, I just get really hot under all my fur. I am quite furry. But, I learned that people really like to pet me because of my fluff and I absolutely love to be pet.

I’m a happy dog. Nothing really bothers me except for occasionally over exuberant Mal Mal. I was raised by a family that loves on me every time they pass by my bear-rug-sprawled-out-on-the-floor self, I love the cool tile floors. My favorite people are the ones I’ve known my whole life. I feel like we have a history together when they come over to visit me. I’ve had some favorite puppy friends too, Jake the Jack Russell and the new little Ida Mae Dog. I love little kids. I’ve learned not to jump on the smaller size humans though, because I’m about a hundred pounds and they just cant handle my big ‘ol self. But, boy do I love licking their peanut butter and jelly tasting faces. I love food and kids are sweeter than honey. Everybody loves me, I think it’s because I’m just so laid back. I don’t like to bark at people, never have, no need to get all feisty, most people I’ve met are nice humans. I just want you to pet me and I’ll lean my head against your leg until you do.

When times get tough, I just walk my ‘ol self to the back windows and sit in the hot sun. A couple years ago we moved into a house with lots of big white birds, a huge lake with fish and land for me and Mallory Square to wander around. I enjoy our daily walks around the lake and visiting with the barn cats. After our walks I love sitting in the hot sun on the porch.

My favorite thing in the world, besides fishing, is when someone comes and pets me out in the hot sun. I’ll just sit there for hours and take in the fresh air…unless the occasional big white bird comes by. Those big white bugger birds are my one exception to barking. The lanky, squawking, flying animals are just not normal. They are hiding something, like a bunch of small children with peanut butter and jelly faces. I’ve seen those birds on the cartoon channel flying away with new babies wrapped up, carrying them in their mouth. Those birds are hiding kids and licking the peanut butter and jelly off their faces and I’m always yelling at them to find out where they’re taking those honey tasting mini-humans. But that’s about the only thing that bothers me. I love cats. I found out how much I love cats one time when my mom and dad found a itty bitty baby kitten they were taking care of. I told them I wanted to keep the kitten, the kitten really liked me too, but mom and dad said no. The kitten ended up moving to Nashville and my mom shows me photos of the kitten on Instagram every once in a while.

I mentioned I like fishing. Although I’m not good at reeling in fish, I help people with the poles spot those shiny swimmers from a mile away. I love being on a boat. I’m a good swimmer too, not a great jumper, like my first best friend, Bella. Bella could run and jump off a dock like they do in the dog-lympics. I can retrieve whatever you throw in the water though and swim excellently, but I’m not a jumper.

After a walk around the lake in the morning, I mostly spend my days indoors on the cool tile floors listening to country music. Like my mom, my favorite band is the Oak Ridge Boys. I just like the part in one of the Oak Ridge Boys songs where they sing “Giddy up, a boom, paw, paw, boom, paw, paw, maw, maw” sounds like they’re speaking my language. And of course, my favorite song is “Fishin’ In The Dark” by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Mallory Square likes it best when our parents leave on the Discovery channel. Mallory really likes chasing lizards and is curious about all those other crazy non-humans on the TV. Not me, I like humans best. I am more of a people-dog.

I realize that I won’t be around forever. These past six months have been really rough. For some reason my legs just stopped working and I have to bark so someone will come pick me up. Even after vet visits, daily medicine, strange vitamins that start with a g, and this crazy thing where they stick little needles all over me, my legs still do not want to cooperate. Over Thanksgiving we had the funnest three little girls staying with us. These girls would play with me and hug on me and I would lick their faces every day. After they left, I lost all ability to even simply stand up on my legs, once someone helped me up. I realize though, I’ve lived the best life a dog could live. I’ve loved the best people that anyone could ever love and had the best friends any dog could ever ask for.

One day, I’ll be up in heaven with my doggie friends and humans that will sit around and pet me all day. I’m a very wise old dog and will share with you the most important lessons I’ve learned in life… love with all your heart, snuggle when you are too hot to keep snuggling, smile for the camera and most importantly; Be kind to everyone. You never know who may be in need of a little love from a furry friend.