Lucky Old Sun Ranch | Lucky Old Sun Ranch’s First Barn Wedding {Jupiter, Florida}
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08 Jul Lucky Old Sun Ranch’s First Barn Wedding {Jupiter, Florida}

What’s prettier than a barn wedding? A wedding event, featuring something rustic and shabby chic with hints of vintage inspired lounge seating. Mason jars and long wood tables, bistro lights and lemonade stations, craft beers and mint juleps.
We think nothing could be sweeter! Which is why we’ve made Lucky Old Sun Ranch into a South Florida Wedding Venue!

On May 16, this year, we hosted our first real wedding and it could not have been more wonderful. When Kayla and Bronson wanted to host their wedding, we talked lots about the idea of an outdoor reception. They loved the idea of a palm tree lined ceremony, with our lake as the backdrop! In South Florida in the summer months theres always a chance of rain, but not for these two. We had the most perfect day.

And Kayla and Bronson were so happy! I’ve never seen a sweeter moment then when Kayla’s dad, Marty walked his daughter down the isle to her emotional groom.

Bronson was just blown away by what a gorgeous bride, Kayla was and it made all the wedding guests tear up!

The sun-lighting was amazing for photos and Zak had just put in a fun rope swing.

The wedding reception was perfect. And I’ll never forget Marty’s, Kayla’s father’s, toast! Such a great wedding, such amazing people. So happy for Kayla and Bronson! Cannot wait to see the video by Reinhardt Productions! We’ll post it here soon!