Lucky Old Sun Ranch | How we got here…
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How we got here…

11 Oct How we got here…

October 11, 2012 – We Closed On Our Property, A Note From The Day

Five months ago Zak came home to our house in Tequesta  Lucky Old Sun Mapand said “we are going to make an offer on this amazing piece of property!”  Ok.  Wait a minute!  I love our Key West style home in Tequesta!  After going out with Zak to see the property, I immediately thought this is amazing and couldn’t be more perfect for me and Zak’s lifestyle and hobbies . The 14 acre ranch used to be a landscape nursery, full of mature palms, featured a house, horse stables,  pole barn and a 7 acre, 22 foot deep lake, just west of town in Jupiter Farms.   It became a dream of ours that we could actually buy this property for what they were asking   It was a short-sale, and the banks had to approve the sellers asking price, which was crazy under what the sellers paid in 2005 at the height of the Real-estate boom.

So our insane emotional roller-coaster of dealing with irrational sellers, slow to act banks and a crazy ton of paperwork, began…You don’t realize how important having friends and knowing good people in Real estate is until you purchase a very complicated piece of property! Mike Gozzo, George and Katie Rawnsley at Keller Williams Realty became our best friends in this process!

Mike once text Zak around 4p and said “hey, just checking to make sure you’re alive, haven’t heard from you today.” And that’s how the past five months have been!  Poor Mike!  The process has been interesting, challenging but rewarding!

Today we closed on our dream home!  I’m sure some people are looking at this land, with all of its maintenance and upkeep, saying “not in my wildest dreams!” But Zak and I are so excited for the amount of projects and work this place will need to make it our own.

We’ve decided to call it Lucky Old Sun Ranch, after the Kenny Chesney song, we feel like we’re lucky to have this place as ours, it has lots of old history and the sunsets overlooking the lake are absolutely magnificent!

We can’t wait for you to visit!